We create soft­ware and expert know­ledge for pro­fes­sio­nal app­li­ca­ti­ons in indus­tri­al pro­duc­tion tech­no­lo­gy. Since 1992 our custo­mers have placed their trust in our com­pe­tent ser­vice in robo­tics, safety tech­no­lo­gy, PLC pro­gramming, and the visua­li­za­ti­on of pro­duc­tion data. We deve­lop and acce­le­ra­te pro­ces­ses and pro­ce­du­res for the indus­tri­al pro­duc­tion of goods. We are on our way — world­wi­de — to pro­vi­de ser­vice and pro­cess opti­mi­za­ti­on on site.


The G&B com­pa­ny as a whole stands for the cor­po­ra­te values of custo­mer ori­en­ta­ti­on, team ori­en­ta­ti­on, pace, orga­ni­za­ti­on, fair play and pre­cisi­on.

Team Ori­en­ta­ti­on

It is abso­lute­ly indis­pensable for us to foster and train the skills and capa­bi­li­ties of our team. Employee moti­va­ti­on, health, and secu­ri­ty are the pri­ma­ry duties of our orga­ni­za­ti­on. Mutual respect and sup­port are decisi­ve for com­pa­ny suc­cess.

➤ Fair play

The digni­ty of the indi­vi­du­al and the sustai­na­bi­li­ty of our decisi­ons deli­ver the direc­tives for crea­ting pre­sent and future. We respec­t­ful­ly follow rules and stan­dards and pre­cise­ly rea­li­ze them accord­ing to our customer’s desi­res. The reco­gni­zed rules of tech­no­lo­gy are our stan­dard at all times.

➤ Orga­ni­za­ti­on

By pro­fes­sio­nal­ly orga­ni­zing, we joint­ly gua­ran­tee maxi­mum trans­pa­ren­cy of the ope­ra­ting pro­ces­ses. Con­ti­nui­ty in the order sequence and sustainab­le manage­ment are fun­da­men­tal for the suc­cess of our com­pa­ny.

➤ Custo­mer Ori­en­ta­ti­on

We respond posi­tively to our customer’s desi­res. We joint­ly deve­lop our order from our customer’s idea. Our custo­mers appre­cia­te our exper­ti­se and long-term part­nership.

➤ Pace

We excel by quick reac­tion and imme­dia­cy. We rea­li­ze the suc­cess of our customer’s com­pa­ny by our eco­no­mic custo­mer ser­vice.

➤ Pre­cisi­on

At each pro­ject adhe­rence to deli­very dates, tac­t­ful­ness, accu­ra­cy as well as order and clean­li­ness are ine­s­ti­m­a­ble values for the com­pa­ny G&B.


In 1992 Rein­hard Götze and Joa­chim Bosse foun­ded the com­pa­ny G&B Auto­ma­ti­sie­rungs­tech­nik in Els­ter­wer­da as a “garage com­pa­ny”. Since 1999 G&B Auto­ma­ti­sie­rungs­tech­nik has been based in the com­mer­ci­al park Els­ter­wer­da Ost.

During the first years we rea­li­zed pro­jec­ts mainly for the buil­ding mate­ri­als indus­try using the Sie­mens S5 PLC. To ful­fill the increa­sing requi­re­ments on the part of our custo­mers we uti­li­zed the new con­trol units pro­du­ced by Sie­mens, Mitsu­bi­shi, Omron, Allen Brad­ley. These con­trol units enab­led us to gua­ran­tee the com­pli­an­ce of the high requi­re­ments regar­ding rapid pro­cess con­trol and con­ti­nuous data manage­ment. As a reac­tion on the rising demand on the part of our custo­mers we inten­si­fied our efforts in the area pro­cess visua­li­za­ti­on and pro­cess con­trol engi­nee­ring on the basis of Sie­mens WINCC fle­xi­ble and Won­der­wa­re InTouch. 

We have rea­li­zed indus­try solu­ti­ons for dif­fe­rent indus­tri­al sec­tors:

  • Wood indus­try, par­ti­cle­board and lami­na­te pro­duc­tion (trans­port and hand­ling)
  • Metal pro­ces­sing (wel­ding, ben­ding, and hand­ling solu­ti­ons)
  • Gravel extrac­tion (belt and scree­ning sys­tems)
  • Buil­ding mate­ri­als indus­try (trans­port and hand­ling pro­ces­ses for aera­ted concrete/limestone indus­try)
  • Wind energy (pro­cess con­trol in the wind­mill pro­duc­tion)
  • Packa­ging indus­try
  • Auto­mo­bi­le and auto­sup­plier indus­try